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Release time:2022-02-23
Update time:2022-03-28

BGT-SCO2 is a gas detection module based on the principle of NDIR infrared absorption, suitable for detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide in aqueous solutions occasions. BGT-SCO2 adopts patented design optical cavity, imported light source and double pass The channel detector realizes the reference compensation of the double optical path in space. BGT-SCO2 has good selectivity, no oxygen dependence, and long life specialty.
Water quality monitoring
Agricultural greenhouse environment monitoring
Solution analysis
Biopharmaceutical environmental monitoring
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Sensor Type Infrared principle
Accuracy ±(20PPM+5%reading)
Measuring Range 0~2000PPM
Response Time <20s
Calibration Standard Calibration
Output 4~20mA/RS485/0.4~3V/UART/IIC/PWM
Signal Type RS485 serial port output
RS485 type More points, half duplex
Connection 2-wire system, the maximum communication distance is 1200 meters, the cable is directly connected
Address 1-254, set by software, the broadcast address is: 255, the default address is: 32
Protocol MODBUS
Data Format 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Baud rate The default value is: 9600bit/s
Power supply 5VDC±5% (RS485, 4-20mA output power supply is 12V)
Cable specifications 24~18AWG (0.5~1.0mm2), stripping length 2~3Cm
Working Environment Temperature -20...+60℃ ; Humidity 0...90%RH, non-condensing
Storage environment Temperature -20...+80℃ ; Humidity 0-90%RH, non-condensing
Enclosure rating IP68
Fire-proof level V-0
Electromagnetic Compatibility Refer to GB/T 13926, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3
Shell Material ABS(Black)
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